May 3, 2021

5 pillars of Optimal Living

At the centre for Optimal Living, we are dedicated to truly help people have the best quality of life. Complete holistic care looks at all aspects of life: the nervous system, the spine, the body, diet, exercise, mindset, etc.

As a society, we tend to want to point the finger at one cause but in reality we are much more interesting than that! We are dynamic people! There’s usually multiple stresses that effect us.

So our approach? We look at you as a whole

We didn’t go through 9 years of education for nothing. At Optimal Living we take an innovative and holistic approach. We will work on the nervous system, which is the cornerstone of your health and body’s self-healing and self-regulating function.

Of course when your body works well you need to make sure it has the right tools to continue working in equilibrium. You don’t just get to have a strong nervous system and then sit on the couch eating potato chips all day. That’s why we also work on optimizing nutrition, biomechanics and posture, mindset, and reduction in stress and toxins.

Our chiropractic approach facilitates the body in increasing its capacity to heal, grow, learn, and adapt to the stresses of life! Of course as a positive side effect, the chronic pains, aches, and other health problems begin to disappear.

When the body isn’t in equilibrium, this capacity becomes diminished: our goal is to optimize your nervous system and body so you can feel your best! 

The 5 pillar approach:

◊ Optimize Nervous system function

◊ Optimize nutrition and minerals

◊ Optimize Biomechanics and Posture

◊ Optimize Mindset

◊ Reduce Stress and Toxins

The Nervous System

The nervous system is the communication system between your brain to your body. When it’s clear of any interference or compression, all 40 trillion cells inside your body work perfectly.

However, when there is some interference in that communication, symptoms begins to manifest. This can be a little whisper from your body, like a small ache in the low back, or stiffness in the neck. OR, if you don’t listen to that whisper, it can become a scream out to you, like a disc herniation, ulcerative colitis, or chronic migraines. In all cases, the symptoms are just signals from your body that something is wrong.

Your body is begging you to do something different.

Chiropractors use their hands and perform soft and very specifically directed adjustments to facilitate the optimum functioning of the nervous system. Thus, recreating the function of the joints, muscles, glands, organs, and overall homeostasis or equilibrium in the body.

“Health: a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The world health organization. This is our goal here at Optimal Living, to help you achieve a true state of health, and express the true you.

Nutrition and Minerals

You can put all the best quality food into your intestines. If your intestines don’t digest and absorb the nutrients however, what’s the point? We all know the costs are a little higher, so it doesn’t make much sense to pay premium prices for you nutrients you’re not actually absorbing.

When the digestive system is working, we then shift our focus to ensure that your body has all the tools it needs to work: all the fat, protein, vitamins and minerals to name a few.

Did you know your nervous system needs omega-3 and vitamin B12 to send and receive messages from your body?

Biomechanics and Posture

Biomechanics are the way your body moves. Each joint has an optimal way of moving, and there are specific muscles that should be activated at certain points of each motion.

When all the muscles are activated correctly and in balance, the body is protected from injury, and your posture stays in the optimal position without feeling awkward or our of place.

You don’t have to think about good posture. It should be automatic. Slouching is a result of some muscles being activated and strong, and others being repressed or weak.

Part of the puzzle we solve, is finding any chronic physical stress you’re experiencing. With slight modifications, and maybe some exercises or stretches, we will help you balance out that physical stress.

Atteggiamento mentale

Think positive everyone says! We won’t tell you to do that, but we won’t tell you to think negative either.

It’s just not that simple.

Life is complicated, and can be stressful. Stress isn’t always a bad thing, it can be that push we need to grow and adapt.

Our perspective and reaction is what creates all the negative effects of mental and emotional stress that manifest in our body. That could mean an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, or even a panic attack!

Did you know that your brain doesn’t differentiate between the past, present or future? If you think or talk about a very stressful event in your life, the body will create the stress response, aka “fight or flight”.

By working on how we approach stressful events in our lives, we can process them fully, integrate them, and move on.

So as part of our care, we give your some tools that can help create some peace and time for the most important person in your life, you.

How powerful would you feel if in the middle of a storm you have the ability to stay calm and think clearly?

Reduction of Toxins

We are exposed to toxins everyday. The smog, medications, preservatives and smoking are just a few that our bodies have to deal with every day.

Our bodies are incredible and already equipped to deal with these toxins. The skin, liver, spleen, intestines and kidneys are principle organs that help protect us from the toxins of the world. However, they can become overwhelming, and our organs just can’t always keep up.

It’s important to recognize how we can reduce the exposure to toxins, and then do something about it!

At the Chiropractic centre for Optimal Living, our passion is to empower humanity to express life with health and vitality. We tailor a care plan specifically for you, your needs and objectives. We are experts in the natural care of your health, and to help you live the best version of yourself!

Dr. Tanya Dhaliwal and Dr. Andrew Via

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