November 22, 2017

Adults and Aging

During the aging process, would you prefer to just exist and let the days go by, or to feel alive and live each experience to it’s maximum potential? Do you want to act actively and with the utmost energy in your life?

The point at which you are today is the result of beliefs, actions and behaviors held until yesterday and the direction in which you are moving in your life depends on the beliefs, actions and behaviors you choose today! Living an ever-active life means adopting a healthy lifestyle that drives you to create and live the life you want, completely and continuously connected to your mind, your body, and your spirit!

We here at Optimal Living, and chiropractors everywhere hear the phrase “oh it’s normal for my age” all the time, and then when people start feeling better they realize that just because something is common, doesn’t mean it has to be normal, and it certainly does not mean you have to just live with it. You really don’t have to live with back aches, knee pain, limited range of motion in your shoulder. Haven’t you ever wondered why there are some people your age that are full of vitality, and others that always seem to have something wrong with them? What’s the difference? No it’s not genes!

In Italy, average life expectancy has grown considerably over a relatively short period of time. We are talking about over 40 years in the last century: we have been accustomed to believe that this is only due to the best medical solutions. Medicine is vital, specialized in diagnosing and treating symptoms, diseases and illnesses. The absence of an illness or a disease, however, does not mean enjoying good health! Research has shown that, with regard to the 30-year increase in life expectancy, medical care contributed by 15%, while lifestyle factors contributed by almost 85% .

So the length and quality of life depend on factors you have total control!

A reasonable question based on the results of these research is, “What can I do to improve the quality of my life every day?”

Research has shown that not fully integrating life experiences and creating tension during the aging process, damage to chromosomes is produced, as well as loss of strength in the muscles of the whole body and memory decline. Living longer is wonderful, but the quality of these extra years must be considered fundamental!

How can we best support our inner child during our lifetime? Research has shown that chiropractic plays a vital role, offering solutions for various pathologies, including, for example, vagal nerve inflammation!
There are many causes leading to vagus nerve inflammation, for example stress or anxiety. As a result, symptoms manifest including: nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headaches. With chiropractic you can actively intervene, chiropractic adjustments act, in fact, on the nervous system, the communication tool of our whole body, restoring a condition of total balance and serenity!

Adults – and the elderly – who regularly have chiropractic adjustments:

  • train with more strength
  • have less need for hospitalization
  • have a better overall health condition
  • have less/zero need for medicines
  • are more active within the community

The quality of your life and your health also depend on the choices you make today: be active and adopt a healthy lifestyle that will increase your life expectancy and give you more life to your years!

At the chiropractic centre for Optimal Living in Torino, you have the opportunity to improve your health and age gracefully!