December 13, 2017

Children need chiropractic too!

At Optimal Living, we serve infants, babies and children.

Chiropractic is about more than overcoming pain, it’s  about optimizing health.

So what do kids see chiropractors for you ask?

ragazziChildren see chiropractors for a wide variety of reasons, often they have no health problems at all and their parents want them to optimize their posture, and to take a proactive approach on health. That way, they can live the best quality of life possible. Unfortunately, other kiddos suffer from a variety of pathologies.

These pathologies could be related to traumas from birth (for example birth assisted with forceps), car accidents or falls. Traumas are any sudden physical stress on the body that can create tension. Tension, particularly in the neck can have many downstream effects as it is where part of the brainstem, and all of the nerves begin branch from. Those nerves then go on to control the intestines, sleep patterns, immune system, muscles, and everything else. It’s vital that they are free to control the body without interference.


Emotional and mental stress can also create tension.

We often see children with separated parents, or anxiety from school with various health problems. Most commonly, constipation, anxiety, and frequent or long infections (including the common cold). An important aside: Just because a child is exposed to the flu in school, or from siblings doesn’t mean he/she has to catch it necessarily. Your child can be the healthy kid with a strong immune system that fights off bacteria before they take over.


mal di testa

Tech-neck, though not only a phenomenon concerning children, it’s becoming a ubiquitous habit that is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid. When you were in school do you remember hearing about students with headaches?

Heaving the head in an anterior position for prolonged periods creates strain on the cervical spine. This leads to tension at the base of the neck and shoulders. In addition, the curve of the cervical spine isn’t maintained.

The spine is also particularly prone to strain during birth. colicAt this point, the skeleton is still very immature and mostly cartilage. Thus, it’s more adaptable than a mature skeletal structure. Frequent conditions we see with newborns and babies are: infant colic, constipation, rashes and difficulty with sleeping or eating.

These are all signals that the body isn’t working at 100%. As chiropractors, we check the nervous system along the spine, check the joints, muscles and development and remove any tension that may exist.

It’s important to remove this tension before it accumulates to ensure your baby’s beautiful little body is always connected to his/her brain at 100% capacity. Of course then your house will be full of laughing and running around!

As part of our holistic approach, we ensure to teach kids about optimizing their nutritional choices, their posture, and mindset in approaching stress. With Chiropractic care, the little ones also grow up understanding that the human body has an incredible capacity to heal and regulate itself.

If you’re ready to get your child started on this journey of health, please call 011.4331657