November 29, 2017

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At the Studio for Optimal Living, we are dedicated to help you realize and express potential!

We are here to support and guide you through the healing process with the use of vitalistic chiropractic methods.

All Chiropractors are different, here’s our stories and you can learn a little about what makes us unique and equipped to help in a profound way.


Read below to get to know us!

About Dr. Tanya

Dr. Tanya’s life has always been dedicated to service. From her first family trip to India, senior’s homes in Canada, volunteering with kids with disabilities, to an Orphanage in Ecuador, her passion to serve has always grown stronger and stronger. It’s her life mission. Through her vast experiences in life, has witnessed immense suffering and poverty, yet also the amazing human potential to not only survive, but thrive in any condition. She found herself inspired by the love, happiness and energy with which people can live, and become determined to help others do the same. At 16 years old, she then had dedicated herself to work in healthcare, to remove anything that holds people back from realizing their true potential.

Chiropractic was her natural calling. It gave her the ability to go anywhere in the world, and help people using nothing but her knowledge and her hands. Being of Indian origin, she grew up with a holistic approach to health on a plant-based diet, and a focus on the body’s natural power of healing. She has always lead a healthy and active life and now helps others do the same.

As a life-time student, she always had a particular draw to science and physiology. She was accepted prestigious University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. There she focussed on nutrition, plant physiology, microbiology, and immunology. From there she moved to Portland, USA at the University of Western states where she completed her Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine. Now she continues her education through conferences, seminars, and reading.

She’s happy to call Turin home, here with her husband, best-friend and soulmate.

About Dr. Andrew

Basketball. That about sums him up. We will go into a bit more detail anyway.

Andrew Via  is a young and energetic doctor that pours love and passion into everything he does. He has a vibrancy about him that just brightens up everyone around him.

School has always come easy to him as he followed his heart and has always enjoyed what he studied. He graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Gonzaga University in Spokane, USA. His focus there was cellular biology and ecology. Following graduation, he then moved to Portland, Oregon for his 4 year Doctorate in Chiropractic at the University of Western States.

Everyday, he continues to follow his passion to help others through chiropractic. He’s not just theory though, he is a perfect model of discipline and health to strive for. He practices what he preaches and follows a healthy and balanced diet, gets regular chiropractic adjustments, and exercises daily. He shows a continued desire to grow and learn through books and overcoming new challenges all the time.

“Okay you’ve read all the serious stuff and the credentials, but what makes us different? Well we’re human and we’re not afraid to show it. We know how to have fun, and that’s what we encourage all our practice members to do! What makes Andrew’s heart go? BASKETBALL. Well, he was given 2m of height so yeah, of course. For me? Travelling and exploring. Both of us love to get lost, (me a little more than Andrew), we have a pure love for music, and of course spending time with our families. So yes, we will talk about the health stuff, the body, etc but we will bring energy and enthusiasm to create an uplifting environment…after all the best part of ours days : making each other and everyone else laugh.” Dr. Tanya Dhaliwal

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Lisa Zhang, Torino


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Professionisti preparati a trattare ogni patologia nel migliore dei modi. Studio molto pulito, ambiente moderno e rilassante. Consiglio un trattamento...

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Ottimo centro chiropratico, bravi, professionali, precisi. E' da tempo, in particolare, che Andrew lavora su di me, con ottimi risultati, risolti i va...

Giando Bonito, Torino

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