December 13, 2017

Who can benefit?

Who can benefit from Chiropractic?

The whole family!

Between Dr. Andrew Via and Dr. Tanya Dhaliwal, the centre for Optimal Living in Turin is ready to help anyone optimize their nervous system, and live to their true potential!

At the Chiropractic centre for Optimal Living we work with everyone from newborns with colic, to children with headaches, to adults with disc herniations, and of course the elderly with various aches and pains. However, chiropractic is so much more than helping people heal. What we do is optimize your body’s nervous system in it’s self-healing capabilities, and help create optimized function of all your cells, tissues, muscles and organs.

All people have unique lifestyles, and thus needs or uses of their body’s. For instance, a pregnant woman has big changes happening in her body that she needs to adapt to, while also preparing for the beautiful birth of her baby. It should be a time of relaxation. On the other hand, athletes have a large demand on their musculature, for high intensity, or endurance. In both scenarios, the body is controlled by the brain. The brain also controls the immune system, and healing of the body. The better the brain controls the body, the higher capacity it has to heal and synchronize muscles.

We always honour the unique individual needs of each individual based on their stress, lifestyle and tension levels. As part of our care, we use a 5 pillar approach to health. This includes, optimizing nerve flow, mindset, nutrition, biomechanics and posture, and reducing stress and toxins. Thus, we can tailor our care to empower you to live a life full of energy and vitality.

For more details on who we can help, or common conditions people have seen benefits from, please click one of the links below.


Children – immune boosts, scoliosis, and more!


Athletes: faster healing and better performance



Adults – headaches, back pain, and aging


Pregnancy – adapting to change and prep for birth